• Denning Montessori School

    And Forest School
  • Denning Montessori School

    and Forest School
  • Denning Montessori School

    And Forest School
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Our outdoor area is stimulating and fun

To The Forest

We are lucky to have access to lots of private land, with space to run,

Happy Days!

In a computer age, many children are missing out on the natural world. Not at the Denning Montessori School


Smell the flowers

Hands On!

Learning how to grow things!
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  • OFSTED Outstanding

    A happy learning environment.
  • Montessori Accredited

    Where learning is stimulating and fun
  • Where Learning Is Fun

    Where your child learns so many different things.
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About The Denning Montessori School

The Denning Montessori School was established by the current owner and Principal Jennifer Blain, with the simple aim of offering the very best nursery education. For nearly 25 Years the Denning Montessori School has been delivering on its promise.

A crystal clear objective, a deep commitment to quality, dedicated, highly motivated and committed staff team and a deep understanding of how the Montessori Method should be embraced and practised, sets the school apart from all others. An idyllic setting, with fantastic facilities, and a safe forest school in a private forest, combine to make the Denning Montessori School one of the most special nursery schools in the UK.

The Denning Montessori School is chosen by the most discerning families who want the very best for their children, and who understand that their child's early years are their most important, creating the foundations on which their whole lives and ultimately careers will be supported by. The school has a stellar reputation, a track record of partnership with parents and success, just ask any past parent or child who has attended. It is a friendly, happy place, with legendary annual visits to the McAlpine's Steam Train and Animals in the Village (A privilege afforded to no other school or nursery), Walks to see the sheep and around the Vineyard, a Family Sports Day and an Annual Play or Show. The Denning Montessori School is forever improving, adapting and changing, with a philosophy of continuing and never ending improvement.


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More About The Denning Montessori School

  • image A highly equipped Montessori environment.

    Great Indoor Environment

  • image Building Dens.

    Free Flow to Great Outdoor Environment

  • image Children saw the eggs hatch and the chicks arrive. How exciting!

    See the chicks hatching

  • image Working alongside each other.

    Cutting in the classroom

  • image We are lucky to have access to an idyllic outdoor environment. The children love being outdoors.

    The perfect outdoor environment

  • image The red rods are a classic piece of Montessori equipment. There are lots of different ways of using them.

    Getting used to scale and length

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